Light My Fire by Amorphis

Amorphis takes Light My Fire to new heights in Tales From The Thousand Lakes.

Light My Fire by Bobby Darin And Nancy Sinatra

The Bobby Darin Show gave birth to the pairing of Bobby Darin And Nancy Sinatra as they belted languidly their version of Light My Fire. Those boots were made for walking but this version of Light My Fire needs some more polish.

Light My Fire by Julie Driscoll

England's Julie Driscoll had a seasoned career in music and did unique cover versions of both Donovan (Season of the Witch) and Bob Dylan (This Wheel's on Fire). Julie Driscoll and the Brian Auger Trinity recorded Light My Fire in 1969 for the album Streetnoise.

Light My Fire by The Lettermen

The Lettermen had some success with Light My Fire in 1968. They also recored from the Doors, Hello, I Love You / Touch Me.

Light My Fire by The Four Tops

Seems everybody was covering the Doors in 1969. The Four Tops and Levi Stubbs were no exception as they attempt record Light My Fire which a touch of soul.  The Doors go Motown.

Light My Fire by Ananda Shankar

The Doors' Light my Fire as recorded by Ananda Shankar in psychedelic sitar that Robby Krieger be in zen.

Light My Fire by Julie London

Seductive Julie London orchestrates the Doors' Light My Fire in bawdy delight.

Light My Fire by Negative Space

Good luck in finding Negative Space records. Their cover of Light My Fire by the Doors is typical of the groups that came out in the late sixties. From the Hard, Heavy, Mean and Evil album, Negative Space is considered as a heavy metal group. Their Light My Fire has some charm and edge to it.

Light My Fire by The Mike Flowers Pops

If a bunch of Flowerz can't do justice to Light My Fire by the Doors. Maybe one Flower can pull it. The Mike Flowers Pops takes the Doors to lava lamp lounge ambiance.

Light My Fire by The Flowerz

The Flowerz wilt as they cover Light My Fire by the Doors.