Light My Fire by Train

The Doors Stoned Inmaculate: The Music Of The Doors is perhaps the last time the Doors worked together as group. They helped themselves and the groups of the time to render some of the most popular Doors' songs. Train did their version of Light My Fire here.  The Cult's Ian Astbury is perhaps as close as you can get to modern day Jim Morrison. Ian later joined Ray Manzarek and Robbie Krieger to form The 21st Century Doors. John Densmore and the estates of Jim Morrison protested the formation of the group and they ceased to be with the help from the courts. If there was any wild child who could channel Morrison, it was Ian. This album is an anomaly in The Doors catalog. I personally like the album assembled by producer Ralph Sall. It has a little something for everybody. Less of a tribute album, it is more of an homage of friendly musicians having fun with the three remaining Doors' members.

Die-hard Doors fans have greater reasons to pay attention. The surviving band members appear on several tracks -- sometimes as a backing unit, sometimes as individual guest collaborators -- with frequently vital-sounding results.